Duplex Ultrasound

Advanced Vein Treatments.

Providing Relief from Vein Disease.

One of the first steps you’ll take in your journey to better vein health is an ultrasound examination by our highly qualified registered vascular technologist. Taking place at the beginning of your vein treatment process, your ultrasound helps discern exactly where your problem veins are located in your body. An entirely non-invasive procedure, it involves the use of ultrasound imaging to take a picture of the veins under the skin in order to find the faulty vein valve responsible for the blockage, pooling, or reversal of blood flow.

At Advanced Vein & Vascular Solutions, duplex ultrasound procedures are used even for cosmetic concerns in order to ensure that no underlying medical problems are overlooked.

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“Had all my vein work done with them and Dr. Izzo is wonderful would recommend him to everyone… Great work… Love his girls and a BIG THANK YOU.”

Nidia S.