RF ClosureFAST

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RF ClosureFAST is a cutting-edge thermal vein treatment used to close diseased veins in order to prevent the backward flow of blood. RF ClosureFAST treats the following types of vein disease:

How RF ClosureFAST Works.

RF ClosureFAST works through the insertion of a disposable catheter into the diseased vein. Controlled heat is applied through the catheter so that when it is withdrawn it collapses the vein. Once the vein is closed, blood is rerouted through healthy veins nearby.

Safe and effective, RF ClosureFAST is proven to help people like you get back to enjoying your favorite activities. By comparison, patients treated with RF ClosureFAST experience less pain and bruising compared to laser vein treatments and recover more rapidly, most within a few days or less.

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What Our Patients Say


“Had all my vein work done with them and Dr. Izzo is wonderful would recommend him to everyone… Great work… Love his girls and a BIG THANK YOU.”

Nidia S.