Chronic Wound Treatment

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Relief for Wounds That Won’t Heal.

A chronic wound is a wound that does not heal by itself like other wounds would. Wounds that do not heal within three months are considered chronic. However, with the new and innovative treatments available at Advanced Vein and Vascular Solutions, there is a possibility to accelerate the healing process, reduce pain, and prevent scarring.

Treatment for Chronic Wounds.

We use compression therapy Unna Boots (a medicated wrap) for the treatment of chronic wounds such as open ulcers. Unna boots help reduce swelling, or edema, so your wounds can start to heal. We also use Unna Boots in conjunction with other vein treatments including RF ClosureFAST and VenaSeal. Once your wound is healed, we encourage you to wear compression stockings to prevent and control future edema.

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What Our Patients Say


“The cosmetic appearance of my legs has improved significantly. The bulging veins are no longer present. Now, I look forward to wearing skirts and showing off my legs during the summer months.”

Sandra C.