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Our vein doctors are appointed at seven different hospitals throughout Tampa, Brandon, Sun City Center, and St. Petersburg, Florida. Incredibly experienced, both surgeons provide trauma, thoracic, cardiac, and vascular care where and when patients need it most. Explore below to discover more about the medical specialties and capabilities of our expert doctors.

Hospital-Based Trauma Treatments.

While esophagus is relatively impervious to injury, it can be harmed suddenly, by caustic/acidic chemicals, irritating drugs, a sharp object, or extreme pressure from violent vomiting. A patient feels some sharp pain under the breastbone. The injury of esophagus may also cause bleeding, noticeable in the patient’s stool. Some of the most known problems with esophagus include Erosive Esophagitis, Esophageal Laceration, and Esophageal Ruptures. Here at Izzo & Alkire, M.D.s, P.A., our experienced specialists will help you to diagnose the problem and treat it fast and effectively.

There are two general types of injuries of the heart – contusions and wounds. Contusion is often caused by blunt trauma, and wounds often resulted from pins and needles of all kinds. Emergency physicians are likely to be the first doctors to see patients with such injuries. Here at Izzo & Alkire, M.D.s, P.A., we are prepared for the emergency situations and will take care of the heart and great vessels injuries right away.

Pulmonary Injuries may develop following blunt, blast, and penetrating injuries to the chest, and may be associated with rib fractures and underlying pulmonary contusions. Pulmonary Injuries include the following injuries: Pneumothorax, Tension Pneumothorax, Open Pneumothorax, and Pulmonary Contusion. Izzo & Alkire, M.D.s, P.A. is a leading facility for non-surgical management of thoracic trauma in the Tampa Bay area. Our vein and vascular specialists, Dr. Izzo and Dr. Alkire will take great care of the patients.

Hospital-Based Thoracic Treatments.

The esophagus is the thin-walled tube that carries food from your mouth to your stomach. A portion of this tube may be causing you difficulty due to narrowing or a growth blocking the passage of food and liquids. Depending on what part of the esophagus is affected, all or part of your esophagus may be removed. How can I live with only a portion of my esophagus? What kind of tests do I have before I have surgery? What to expect after surgery? You’ll find the answers to your questions right here, at Izzo & Alkire, M.D.s, P.A.

A lung biopsy is usually performed when a physician notices clinical symptoms or findings on a chest x-ray that are suspicious for lung cancer. A “biopsy” refers to sampling of lung tissue to determine if there is cancer present. A Lung Biopsy is usually performed by either Mediastinoscopy or Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy Surgery (VATS). If the biopsy is positive for lung cancer, a lung resection may be required as part of a treatment plan. If you have any questions regarding Lung Biopsy or Resection, please contact Izzo & Alkire, M.D.s, P.A. today to set up a consultation with one of our surgeons.

Pleural Effusion Treatment may be directed at removing the fluid, preventing it from accumulating again, or addressing the underlying cause of the fluid buildup. There are two main types of effusion: Transudative pleural effusions are caused by fluid leaking into the pleural space. This is caused by elevated pressure in, or low protein content in, the blood vessels. Exudative effusions usually result from leaky blood vessels caused by inflammation (irritation and swelling) of the pleura. This is often caused by lung disease. Only a specialist may diagnose your lungs and set up treatment. If you have any specific questions or want to hear about the available treatments, please contact Izzo & Alkire, M.D.s, P.A. for more information.

Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy Surgery (VATS) is a term used to describe a minimally-invasive surgery performed through small incisions. During VATS, the surgeon uses small holes in the patients’ chest wall as a point of entry into the lung cavity. The surgeon will then pass a small camera (endoscope) through one of the holes to view the lungs. The advantage of VATS vs. regular surgery is the minimized time spent in the hospital and less painful recovery from the surgical procedure. This surgery can be performed by one of our specialists, at Izzo & Alkire, M.D.s, P.A.

Hospital-Based Vascular Treatments.

It is not 100% clear exactly what causes aneurysms. Some aneurysms are present at birth (congenital). Defects in some of the parts of the artery wall may be responsible. Learn more about aortic Aneurysm risk, symptoms, factors, and treatments available at Izzo & Alkire, M.D.s, P.A. Our Friendly Personnel will be happy to assist you. Endovascular aneurysm repair is now used more commonly than open repair. The time in a hospital is minimized.

Carotid Endarterectomy is a vascular surgery procedure that removes plaque from the lining of the patient’s carotid artery. Endarterectomy is the most commonly performed vascular surgery procedure. This is a safe and durable treatment that has been shown to prevent a stroke. When experienced, competent surgeons perform the procedure, its risks and benefits are well known for people with or without transient ischemic attack (TIA) symptoms. Are you Diabetic? Find out about the risks of carotid endarterectomy for Diabetic Patients at Izzo & Alkire, M.D.s, P.A.

You may be familiar with bypass surgery on heart arteries, but vascular surgeons also use bypasses to treat peripheral arterial disease. What is Peripheral Vascular Disease? When you are getting older, a sticky substance created from Cholesterol, calcium, and fibrous tissue called plaque can build up in the walls of your arteries. As more plaque builds up, your arteries can narrow and stiffen. Eventually, as the process progresses, your blood vessels can no longer supply the oxygen demands of your organs or muscles and symptoms may develop. Peripheral Bypass treats your narrowed arteries by creating a bypass around a section of the artery that is blocked. Only an experienced vascular doctor can find out if you are eligible for this procedure, and it takes several tests before the final decision will be made.

Hospital-Based Cardiac Treatments.

Advanced Vein and Vascular Surgeons create a way around a blocked artery by grafting an artery from the chest wall or arm, or a section of vein from a patient’s leg, onto the coronary artery.

If the patient experiences heart rhythm problems, a pacemaker implant may become a great solution for a patient. Izzo & Alkire, M.D.s, P.A. offer pacemaker and defibrillator implants to help the patients cope with the irregular heartbeats, or arrhythmias.

Valve Replacement & Repair is a treatment option for valvular heart disease. If one or more valves start leaking, meaning that less blood is pumped in the proper direction, the physician may decide that the diseased valve(s) needs to be surgically repaired or replaced. This is a complex surgical procedure that requires preparation and post-surgical care and involves an after-treatment stay in hospital facilities.

Surgical Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation, the most common type of cardiac abnormal heart rhythm – is performed by both Dr. Izzo and Dr. Alkire.

Thoracic Aneurysm Treatment may include routine MRI or CT to monitor the size and the growth pattern of the aneurysm; controlling or modifying risk factors, such as smoking, dieting, etc.; blood pressure medications, a surgery or an EVAR procedure (endovascular aneurysm repair), which can also be used in an abdominal aneurysm.

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