Trauma TreatmentTampa General ER

  • Esophageal Injury – While esophagus is relatively impervious to injury, it can be harmed suddenly, by caustic/acidic chemicals, irritating drugs, a sharp object, or extreme pressure from violent vomiting. A patient feels some sharp pain under the breastbone.The injury of esophagus may also cause bleeding, noticeable in the patient’s stool. Some of the most known problems with esophagus include Erosive Esophagitis, Esophageal Laceration, and Esophageal Ruptures. Here, at Advanced Vein and Vascular Solutions, our experienced specialists will help you to diagnose the problem and treat it fast and effectively.
  • Injuries to the heart at great vessels – There are two general types of injuries of the heart – contusions and wounds. Contusion is often caused by blunt trauma, and wounds often resulted from pins and needles of all kinds. Emergency physicians are likely to be the first doctors to see patients with such injuries. Here, at Advanced Vein and Vascular Solutions, we are prepared for the emergency situations and will take care of the heart and great vessels injuries right away.
  • Pulmonary Injuries – may develop following blunt, blast, and penetrating injuries to the chest, and may be associated with rib fractures and underlying pulmonary contusions. Pulmonary Injuries include the following injuries: Pneumothorax, Tension Pneumothorax, Open Pneumothorax, and Pulmonary Contusion. Advanced Vein and Vascular Solutions is a leading facility for non-surgical nonsurgical management of thoracic trauma in the Tampa Bay Area. Our vein and vascular specialists, Dr. Izzo and Dr. Alkire will take great care of the patients.