Patients often say “don’t I need all of my veins? Won’t eliminating these abnormal veins harm the blood circulation in my legs?”

That’s a reasonable question. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The confusion may arise because there is very little redundancy in your artery system, and it is critical to preserve as many of the arteries in your legs as possible. However, there is a lot of redundancy in the vein system and you have many more veins in your legs than necessary for good health.

Blood flows through abnormal, incompetent veins sluggishly and under abnormally high pressure. This is an unhealthy, abnormal state. Not only can this condition produce pain, swelling and the various other symptoms, it also increases the risk of phlebitis and blood clots.

When we destroy abnormal veins, the flow of blood is redirected through tributary veins to nearby healthy veins that have properly functioning valves. Unlike the sluggish, high-pressure flow of blood through abnormal veins, the blood through healthy veins flows briskly and efficiently upward through your legs and back to your heart.

You actually have many more veins in your legs than your need. Getting rid of defective ones improves circulation and health. This is why you will often experience relief of discomfort and other symptoms after treatment, and your legs will feel fresher and lighter.

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