What to expect on your initial consultation

Your initial session with your doctor should last about thirty to sixty minutes. At the conclusion of the exam, your physician should be able to recommend treatment options, if appropriate.

Varicose veins and spider veins are easily recognizable from their distinct visual patterns, so as to often assess the condition of a patient’s legs from their appearance. But doctors always rely on ultrasound techniques to confirm diagnosis and guide treatment. The patient’s symptoms are the most important factor to consider when formulating a treatment recommendation.

In years past, many venous x-ray exams were performed by radiologists using venogram diagnostic techniques. An IV was placed in the patient’s foot and a dye was injected into the leg veins. In addition to being somewhat expensive, invasive and painful, this exam could aggravate kidney disease. That’s why it is seldom used today.

Color-flow venous duplex ultrasound has emerged as the new gold standard for detecting and treating chronic venous insufficiency.  It is comfortable, safe and noninvasive. It’s considered so safe, in fact, that physicians routinely use it to examine a fetus during pregnancy.

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