LEGSCompression hose are available in a variety of grades, colors, and styles.


The grade specifies how much pressure those hose applies. On the product package, pressure is expressed in millimeters of mercury (mm of Hg). The higher the grade, the greater the pressure. Grade-4 hose, for example, have a pressure rating of 40 to 50 mm of Hg, while grade 1 hose have a pressure rating of 20 to 30 mm of Hg.

In the past, many physicians prescribed higher grades of compression hose (grades 2, 3 & 4) because they believed they were more effective. However, higher-grade hose are thicker, less comfortable, less stylish, and more difficult to manipulate. Some people, especially elderly patients with arthritis, compare putting on high-grade hose to a wrestling match.

Fortunately, more recent medical studies have shown that grade 1 hose are often sufficient.


Color is a matter of preference. From a medical standpoint, no one color is better than another. The most popular colors for compression hose are black, suntan and natural.


Chose a style of compression hose that gives you the appearance you prefer and the medical support you require. Some hose for women resemble fashion hose, and some of the knee-high and thigh-high socks for men look just like dress socks when worn under slacks or jeans.

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